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TecProLine Consulting supports companies in its production as an independent consultant.


A machine can cause a defect.

If the defect occurs more frequently, then you need to act immediately.

TecProLine Consulting is specialized in finding solutions to this problem.


25 years experience in special purpose machinery engineering and many years of it in the semiconductor industry made up the consulting company.


Our company is characterized by its high flexibility and fast intervention.

TecProLine Consulting collaborate with different renowned machine building companies in constructions and manufacture of components.


We offer following services:


Increase efficiency of existing production lines

Reductions of set-up time

Optimizing production processes

Construction and assembly of the changed parts

24 hours monitoring of the defective production line.


Auxiliary construction and installation for simplifying the works.

Installation and assembly work




Michael Gueldner

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constuction Part

costruction part

setup tool

Axis movement tool for setup